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My Bitchy Pullip

Feel Like So Kicking Your Ass!

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Tired of endless sale ads?

Frightened by the latest custom? Did someone steal your idea for a custom?

Have a deal go bad with a fellow Pullip collector and just want to vent? Or someone just getting on your last nerve with their constant "OMG, my pullip will be here in 1 day!" "My pullip is HERE!" posts?

Want to vent about yet ANOTHER bad picfic? Or post a parody picfic?

Just having a bad day and someone just HAD to post something that ticked you off in a Pullip forum?

Need your daily dose of wankery, or just want to share some wank you found with others?

Then my_bitchy_pulli is the community for you!

A couple of simple rules:

--lj-cut your big photos (if you are truly inept, it's < lj-cut > at the beginning, and < /lj-cut > at the end (remove the spaces, of course), or if you're truly feeling adventurous, do the < lj-cut text="add your text here"> thing).
--if it's truly going to be offensive and it'll cause trolls to come feed, please please PLEASE friends-lock that post.
--if you get bitched about it in here, and you're a member, get over it. If you join just to retort, just don't, you'll get banned. This is the place to bitch about pullip related things, including pullip owners. Be careful, you just might get named mascot, and the mascots around here get poked at. Often.
--sale ads are NOT permitted. posting sale ads of other people to mock them is completely acceptable AND encouraged.
--promotion pullip communities okay; promotion of non-pullip communities is NOT okay.

Email the mod (marzipan9) if you have questions. Mod reserves the right to remove posts/members as she sees fit.

Go see our affiliate community, my_bitchy_pony!
Thanks to wispykitty for our journal subtitle, "Feel Like So Kicking Your Ass!"
And many thanks to nefermoon for the community icon! It rocks!

Current Mascot(s):

None right now. Would you care to apply?

This community brought to you by a bad case of PMS, a series of annoying sales posts, the letter C, and the number 234234878239