Penny Lane (thefallofspring) wrote in my_bitchy_pulli,
Penny Lane

New Pullip Forum

I'm not sure if anyone here would be interested in this, but I thought this would be a good place to promote a new forum (link) for people who don't feel like sugar coating shit so they won't get in trouble. There pretty much aren't any rules.
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It's a good idea (PS is wearing me down), but I think you guys should lock some of those sections, to prevent drama and to avoid hurting peoples' feelings. As we learned with the Pinkangel/Madam Bunni incident, people won't hesitate to start shit by copying and pasting things to people they shouldn't.

Deleted comment

Any sections where you insult someone, really. I know how frustrating it is when someone makes a bad custom and everyone tells them it's adorable-- you just want to vent-- but word can get around to that person and you can do some damage. As for the Pinkangel/Madam Bunni stuff, someone in this community was criticizing Bunni's artwork and a "spy" in the community went and copied/pasted it to her-- they then made threads in PullipStyle AND House of Pullip whining about it.

But anyhow, it looks like the forum is locked now, so no worries :)