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First off we have almost 50 members!! Wheeeee!!! Welcome to all the new people, thanks to everyone whose stayed around!

I was up late last night, and right before I went to bed, someone posted a huge homemade dress sale in pullips. Only one of the dresses caught me eye, it was gorgeous. I put dibs on it, excited, because it was only going to be $5 plus shipping. It's this dress, if you're curious.

It was two frigging o'clock in the morning when I put dibs on the dress, and then I waited another 10 minutes to see if she was still on so we could make arrangements, then I went to bed.

This morning, I get up, find a comment in my inbox with "email me with your info and we'll go from there". Yay, right? Nope, when i checked the post (which had 3 comments, I wanted to see who was interested in something else), she had replied to herself less than an hour after replying to me saying "sorry, someone else could pay immediately." first of all, I won't get that comment, so now I look like an ass emailing her, and second of all, IT WAS FREAKING 2 O'CLOCK IN THE FREAKING MORNING. ~headdesk~

Seriously? I'm not buying anything out of pullips anymore, because the stuff I want without fail gets sold out from under me.

I could understand "hey, I'm sorry, but checking timestamps on comments and emails other person was first" I would totally understand, but "someone else could pay first"? Give me a BREAK, it was TWO IN THE MORNING. It's not like she's located in Europe, either, she's in freaking Louisiana, so it was 2 in the morning (Or checking timestamp and doing the math, after 3 in the morning when she sold that dress out from under me. And if it's going to be "first pay, first serve", it should be mentioned in the entry, because right now I'm just really disappointed, and a little bit angry.
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I'm sorry, if you change the wig, the body, the eyes, and add something to the face, that doll is no longer stock. Hellooooooo, just because you don't alter her make-up doesn't make her stock, it makes her face-up stock, and not really even then, because you added eyelashes.

hopefully the "stock" was tongue-in-cheek, or she just forgot the "makeup" part, because this person doesn't seem like too much of a moron. :)
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WHY do people continue to buy from Magma Heritage? The man has the worst customer service I've ever seen, and several people never got their dolls, or from what I could tell, their money back, either.

(I did buy my Oren from Magma and had no problems, but I paid through PayPal...which I think, honeslty, made all the difference)

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I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I find this to be really fuckin' rude. Someone asks for help and advice on something they're doing that's obviously frustrating them and all you can do is be all "omg why would you do that?!" Resisting the urge to smack her for her being so rude is quite hard. I just really hate that shit. >.<